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My name is Leanne May. I am a certified yoga teacher located in Orlando, Florida. I focus on building and creating classes that inspire my students to find their way to their own inner strength and peace. I believe there is a yoga style for everybody...and every body it's just a matter of finding your variations. I would love to help you start your own practice or help you more deeply explore your existing one.

Come join me on the mat for any of my classes during the UpLyft weekend!

1. Soulful Flow - Tapping into the internal fire of the divine feminine and harnessing that power as we explore a 60 minute beginner friendly yoga class. Students will leave class sparked and grounded in the strength of their divine feminine.

2. Vin/Yin - Join Leanne May for a perfectly balanced class. Combining the benefits of effort and rest this 60 minute class will leave students feeling rested and ready for a day of self discovery and play.


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$10 per person


Join Leanne May for an 18+ female empowerment flow. This class combines the music of classic female powerhouses and unites students in a joyful practice of sacred sisterhood and divine feminine power. This 60 minute class is a high energy beginner friendly class that will allow you to tap into your spark and fan that flame into a roaring fire.

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